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Solar lanterns for remote and rural areas

One of the projects carried out in Ordino has been to develop a self-contained solar powered lantern. This lantern which is simple in design has been built in situ in a number of countries, principally Nepal, or has been supplied through a manufacturing partner in China. The lantern is low cost and highly reliable which makes it suitable for its use in remote areas which have no access to electricity or where the supply is either erratic or expensive. Around 10,000 lanterns of various generations have been provided, often through local NGOs, to people in need. Recently 660 lanterns were sent to CECI, working in Nepal, for distribution to earthquake victims.

New lantern model

The newest version of the lantern incorporates a USB output which will allow for charging a cell-phone or other device. This feature has been wanted by many communities and we have designed a solution which will not unduly compromise the number of hours of light the lantern can provide.
Solar Lanterns